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  1. I think you also paid for your wordpress. And that’s why wordpress give you the power to edit. Did you paid?

    You also paid for your flickr account. And that’s why you get pro account. Don’t know why you ignore me and you didn’t tell me about you when I asked you about that. Sorry, for my ugly question ..sorry

    Well, back to your point. I hate wireless connection for ever. I hate always ever ever and ever and for-ever. They just waste my money and i have a bad experience.

    I got 30 to 47 kbps Sirious Broadband line.. It’s better for me always.

    How you manage your work with only 5 kbps. Did you see my pageflakes account. It’s horrible. But, I made it though my net speed. Pageflake takes superbly height speed when you login this site.

    Randomly talking with you… don’t know why…

    Pray for me… I am out of mind 😦

    Allah Hafiz

  2. My average Teletalk download speed is 18 kb/s. Which is freaking amazing considering I used to get 3 kbps at most when I had my so called “Broad Band” line.

    I use my Nokia 6630 as a Bluetooth modem, so the generic problem Teletalk has with frequent, random disconnection is all but gone. Also, I’ve performed several harmless network tweaks, perhaps you can try the following two:


  3. I’m using Grameen Phone Sim Unlimited Internet and Nokia 6300. I am very satisfied in my connection. My average browsing speed is 7/8 KB and average download speed is 15/16 KB. 🙂

  4. I am currently using teletalk with my moto L6 mobile. and it’s not bad. But the problem is connection speed depends on location and network availability. and I usually get 6-8 KBps doenload speed.

  5. I am using the connection of a local ISP. I was not satisfied with there service. Because most of the time they were down. But now they have changed :). I am now satisfied with there service because now i can download at ~13KBps.

  6. wew…read everyone’s post here make me little bit confused, it seems only connection in my country is so slow (under 8kbps) can you imagine that?

  7. Well, I am only stisfied with my Gp EDGE connection when i am under EDGE coverage, at that time I get speed upto 22kb/s….but when i am under GPRS, my speed never exceeds 5 kb/s….I stay in Baridhara DOHS, and most of the time i get GPRS network, sometimes if i get lucky i get EDGE in my house, this is happening recently. Before I used to get EDGE all the time. LOL. GP Sucks

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